Core Services

  • Pre-admission phase
  • Acceptance and residency
  • Transition and After Care Phase

Central to our core services is our daily in-house addictions and recovery programming for residents, facilitated by our staff. This program offers our residents the opportunity for group sharing on themes, which touch the lives and hearts of our residents.

Personal responsibility and community living are crucial to our understanding of recovery. Therefore, these are central themes in our daily personal interactions and community responsibilities. The core values of our community life together are integrity, community, accountability, spirituality, and respect.

Talbot House believes that support of our clients must extend from the first inquiry through to the time a resident completes our program. Therefore, we have developed an after-care program which will support and enhance life beyond Talbot House for those who successfully complete their residency.

Partnerships and Program Financing

At Talbot House we understand that one of the most limiting experiences of addiction is the isolation and alienation which comes from gambling, alcohol and drug abuse. Therefore, we believe that we must model a new way of sharing and building partnerships in our work. Living a healthy and happy recovering lifestyle means that we assist our residents to access a variety of resources in their search for meaning and hope in life. Talbot House seeks to work in partnership with other professional community resources and interested individuals who believe in recovery. As a non-profit, registered charity, Talbot House depends greatly on the financial support of both individual and corporate donors.

Anyone interested in supporting this important work and/or exploring the possibility of partnership is invited to contact our Executive Director, Tom Blanchard at

Community Outreach

The residents of Talbot House often express their desire to give something back in return for all they have received as a result of their recovery. It is upon this basis that Talbot House provides an important outreach and public education forum to the wider community. Residents and staff from Talbot House often respond to invitations from schools, community, and church groups to make presentations on addictions and recovery. These sessions have proven their worth and have led to direct assistance to families and individuals seeking help with their issues around addiction.

Useful Links

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“The best I can do to describe how important Talbot House is in my life is to say, ‘It gave me LIFE’.”